TCN Open Discussion

The ADBC solicitation invites proposals for the creation of Themtic Collections Networks (TCNs).  Specifically,

Thematic Collections Network (TCN) proposals will be submissions for two-to-four year awards based on size of the collections to be digitized. Recipients will perform fundamental collections digitization but will also be engaged in training activities and the development of appropriate technology and standards to produce an interoperable network. Collaborative TCN proposals are strongly encouraged.

Are you planning to submit a proposal for a TCN?  Would you like to collaborate on a TCN proposal?  Do you have any questions or ideas about TCNs or the ADBC solicitation?  Please let us know using the comment string.

If you are planning a proposal, please let us know, at a high level, what you propose to accomplish, what research question you intend to address, what types of collections, georaphic region(s), and technologies will be involved.

An open and frank conversation with the community will only make each TCN a welcome asset to our work with collections and informatics.

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One Response to TCN Open Discussion

  1. Anita Cholewa says:

    Despite the Strategic Plan’s comment that “Herbaria have organised themselves into regional networks”, there are still many herbaria NOT part of such networks. The TCN appears to be the way to alleviate this gap – however, many collections simply do not have the staff time to get involved in yet another project responsibility. If there are institutions willing to be (or considering) TCNs it would be really great if these institutions would proactively connect with collections (large AND small; active AND semi-active) within their region to engage and HELP these others connect. It seems to me that there are still many institutuions that would like to join such efforts but simply can’t because of finances or inadequate staffing or other regions.

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